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Finally here in Alaska!

Well boy's can girls, WERE HERE!!! We flew into Anchorage around 9.30 pm and were amazed that the sun was still high in the sky!! We left the airport and got a rental car, then the hunger bug attacked. Well even though it looks like it's 7pm outside, it's really almost 11.30pm so most of the places we wanted to eat were closed. So we settled on Dennys. The food wasn't very good but we had a few laughs watching this crazy lady constantly check one of her EIGHT watches! Yes you read correctly, this woman had five watches on one arm and three on the other. She kept looking at them and writing in a journal or something. When we left I was able to catch a glance of what she was writing and it was our typical crazy lady stuff... numbers, bits of sentences, and a lot of time entrys... Any way we got to the cabin about 1am and now it's 2.11am which is actually 4.11am my time.... I'm so tired, but it's still semi-light outside, so it's going to be hard to sleep!