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Alaska Trip, Draft 2

After talking to Sam the new plan is as follows.


Melissa will be in Egypt at the same time were on our trip so it all really works out well.


Fly to Anchorage, get a car.  Then drive that sucker from Anchorage - Fairbanks - Valdez - Whittier - Seward and then back to Anchorage...  1100 miles or so in about 7 days.  It's going to be great!

Were also going to Fedex our packs up to Anchorage and do some backpacking in Denali Park.  No, we won't be attempting the summit but it would be nice to spend a night or too somewhere in the park.

This trip even though it sounds adventures really isn't... Just a 1000 miles of driving.  Hopefully we'll only stay in a hotel once or twice and sleep in the tent the rest of the time.


I wonder how many Alaskans are going to see as much of the state as were going to!!!