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The quitting day

A few weeks prior to quitting...

The main reason for my quitting was not so much of health, though that's a big issue as well. No, it was that my preferred tobacco (Drum hand rolling tobacco) changed two important things on me.  

  1. They changed their package to a new shitty foil based package
  2. The decreased the amount of tobacco from 1.41 to 1.14 Oz.  The sneaky little bastards tried to pass it by us and for the same price to!

So in preparation, I found that last store I could find the old style drum and purchased all that they had.  11 pouches I believe.  It was a glorious binging of nicotine bliss...

The first 48 hours

They suck, the temptation for a cigarette is pretty big.  Oh well, I like the fact that I haven't had given into my addiction yet... yay!

I'll come back as I go along and post my updates...