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Alaska Trip, Draft 3

Alaska - Getting closer

So our plans have changed somewhat...  

Melissa was not able to go to Egypt this year (for obvious reasons) so instead she's coming up to Alaska.

Sam wasn't sure if he could make it but now is hoping to come up for a week of the trip.

Heres, our current plan

  • We have reserved a RV for the whole trip.  While it's more expensive then a car it's cheaper then getting hotel rooms.
  • Land in Anchorage and Taxi over to the RV for the night.
  • Leave out for a week long loop around Fairbanks and Delta Junction.
  • Get back to Anchorage in time to pick up Sam from the airport (hopefully) and then head down to the peninsula
  • Then we'll spend almost another week there seeing the sites.

It's going to be really fun!  I can't wait.


I'm so lucky to be able to go back to Alaska (my favorite spot) for a 3rd time.  This time will be the best because both Melissa and my best buddy Sam get to come!