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Non-smoking continues.




It's getting easier every day.  Now I think I've kicked the habit.  I rarely crave a cigarette.  I really only crave one every Monday and Friday after I work out. I don't know what it is about physical exercise, but it makes me want a cigarette like nothing else.

One night after workout I broke down and bought a pack of smokes.  I smoke most of one on the way home then tried to leave them in the truck for the "every once in a while craving"  but I noticed all I could do is think about what I needed to do to get another ciggy.  So the next morning I threw them away.

It's mean to say but I'm starting to hate smokers...  I work with quite a few of them and here are some of the things I notice now.


  1. People smoke like 30 ciggys a day!  I see the fat unhealthy women I work with run out side ever 1-2 hours to puff on another one.  Since I've quite I notice I get a lot more work done now
  2. I work with this one guy who I swear blows his puff out on the way into the office.  It's so bad I have to hold my breathe or ask him to stand a few feet away when he talks to me.
  3. People LOVE to smoke right outside the exit door to our company.  This of course lets a ton of smoke back into the building and I have to sit there and smell it...  I've asked the operations person at work to do something about it but as a smoker she doesn't see it to be a issue. 
  4. Standing behind people in the convince store who are looking for the best deal on ciggys.  They want one that tastes good but at the same time is sub $5