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Alaska 2011 - Trip Costs


Tentative Trip Costs

Travel Costs

  • Flights (From Colorado Springs to Anchorage and back) - $1400
  • RV (More detail about this in it's own article) - $1500 (Plus $500 deposit)

Misc. Fees / Food / Parking / Licensing / Gas

With the gas prices escalating like they are we wanted to play it safe. 

We figured our RV will get approx. 9 miles to the gallon.  We also figured that gas will cost $5.00 per gallon (which is high)   Since our planned trip is about 1400 miles we used the following calculation to figure out gas costs. (1400 / 9) * 5 =  ~$800

So $800 for gas, and we budgeted an additional $900 for other costs and to dip into if our $1000 each runs out.

A total of $1700 is factored into these misc. fees.

Misc Spending Money

We have planned spending no more that $1,000 each on activities.


In total we are taking $3,700 with us for the trip.