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Alaska 2011 - Trip Documentation

Downloadable Documentation

below you will find a list of files that have very useful documentation regarding a RV trip through Alaska.


2011 Milepost

This is a fantastic book we bought that has mile by mile information about our trip. I believe this will be the most use resource we have.  One of the coolest things about this book it that you can download the book in PDF.  If you a geek like me you can then cut the PDF apart into the sections you wish and then publish those PDFs to your iPad so you have all the milepost information right there on you iPad.


Alaska Trip Planner

This is free document that you can download HERE


Alaska TourSaver

We also paid $100 for a book of coupons. from HERE. It looks like it will save us over $600 so it seems like it's a good deal.  It's somewhat restrictive but if you save $101 then it pays for itself.