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Good Video about the Abuse of the TSA

Below is embedded a video of the TSA over reaching there own rules.  This is what is wrong with America.  We have become a nation of pussies who allow our government to 

  • Check our IDs for interstate travel
  • View us in a naked state
  • Touch our private areas.

I'm sorry if anyone who reads this feels that these steps are necessary to protect our skies.  If you believe this then I feel sorry that you do not have the ability to understand what is going on here.


Our government takes our rights away in such small chunks... and there always to enhance our "security"


Terrorist is define partially as - A person who terrorizes or frightens others.

The US Government is the real Terrorist. - I am afraid of what you will do next.  

  • You fund a agency that humiliate and intimidate your own population for no reason.
  • You fund a agency that lies to your citizens.
  • You fund a agency where you know the head of that agency PERSONALLY profits from the sale of the equipment used to violate our constitutional rights.
  • You do not listen to the thousands of complaints from your citizens telling you how unjust the TSA is.
  • You ignore the scores of videos on the internet depicting the Gestapo like tactics the TSA employ


But they are only have the problem...  the other half is you America!  American's have become so complacent with our lack of freedoms.

  • We allow almost any new law to come into affect so long as that law "protects us" from someone
  • We bow our heads and say "yes" when asked to be photographed "nude", or have our private parts touched by a stranger.
  • We are scared, helpless children waiting for our authority figures to tell us what is acceptable.
  • We gladly support the TSA with our votes.
  • We are scared to revolt, as to do so is "terrorism"

It's time for American's to revolt for what is right...  We are a nation who's rights and privileges are decreasing daily.  Our founding fathers would be so ashamed of what we've become.