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My simple little setup at home

Here is a quick explanation of the setup I use at home to provide free WiFi to my neighbors.

I wanted to do something with the internet I pay for.  I have a business class connection and have more bandwidth then I use so I decided to provide free WiFi for my neighbors.


This is done with a few 2.4 Ghz radios, some open source software, and a little determination!

The Radios

I am using two Engenius 2611P Radios.


The First Radio is running Stock firmware and is used to wireless bridge my connection to one of my neighbors who lives outside the range of the other radio.  This shoots the "internet" over to his house in a secured fashion.

The other radio is running custom ROBIN firmware.  This firmware interacts with my wireless hotspot server which is used to authenticate and regulate the users of the system.

A user can access the system, create a user account and log on with very little hassle.  Of course certain website categories are not allowed to make sure nobody watches kiddy porn or something.

15 dB Omni Directional antenna.

I purchased this antenna off of eBay.  It runs about $80.  I works really well and hopefully will continue to do so.  The damn thing is almost six feet tall!