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Someone wanted to buy

I got a email over the weeked from some one who wanted to buy this domain.


Here is the first email

Buddy of mine wants to start an "REDACTED" company, and he needs the domain.  Please respond to this email and let's talk about what you need.

After I asked him to make an offer he came back with


$1500 and 5 years of hosting for whatever site you would like to transfer to.
Would consider a swap of REDACTED for as well (he owns REDACTED).  If you are partial to the madhatt name.
Well, $1500 is a joke for a domain that I've owned for a decade.
My response
I'll have to pass I'm sorry
Ive owned for a decade and it's who I am. 
I also host it myself so I don't pay any hosting costs. 
I also own I would be willing to sell that. 
I'm very sorry but I can't just let it go.
So Logically what does he do?  Repond by insulting me.
That's a sub-10mil ranking.  I could understand if you were balking over a top 500k domain name or something, but the only traffic going to your site is your mom looking at your pictures and myself and my friend who wants to buy your domain.  Your number one link into your site is "remove powered by coppermine" and that's not even on page 1 of google results.
I don't mean to insult you.  But regardless of sentimentality, $2,000 for a sub-10mil domain (and apparently not even any changes to your site itself because refers back to your site) is money in your pocket.
Are you sure you don't want to be and $2,000 richer?
Final offer.
Wow...  Well if I didn't want to sell before now I really don't!
I remained civil and simply responded with
Thanks but my sentimentality is worth more to me than a measly $2k, or $5k for that matter.