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Going to Visit the "Magic Bus" - Cancelled

This part of the trip has been canceled.  After doing much more research we decided that while visiting the bus would be cool, it defiantly is NOT the best trail in the area.

Christopher McCandless

A self-portrait of Christopher McCandless in his camp on the Stampede Trail was found undeveloped in his camera after his death.



An ambitious 40 mile trek to visit the last home of Christopher McCandless

Sam and I decided not to go and backpack inside Denali national park due to the restrictions of carrying our side arms.  So we decided to walk the Stampede Trail out to the bus where Chris died over a decade ago.


This is a somewhat popular trek made by many and is documented at stampedetrail.info

It's around 40 miles of hiking that we plan to spread over 3 day (hiking with 1 day of rest at the bus)  From what I find the elevation profile of the planned route is not going to be too hard.

Crossing of the river may be another story though.  We'll be going at the worst time of the year (July) for Glacial runoff so we may find that the river is flowing simply to fast to cross...  but I have a few ideas of how to make it even it we can't walk across...


DISCLAIMER: I don't think Chris was a very bright person to do what he did with so little planning.. I can tell you that we are NOT him... Were much smarter!