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Goodbye Spideroak! My review of Spideroak

The purpose of this review is to provide my honest feelings about Spideroak's Service.  Everything written here is my experience and should not be taken as fact.

2 out of 5 stars


Spideroak is great service if you have very simple needs.

 I signed up for Spideroak in July of 2011 after I read about the privacy issues with Dropbox.  At first I was extremely happy.  Spideroak doesn't have my password and can't decrypt my data.  This is what made Spideroak a very valuable service to me.  Over time I grew into their 300Gig service paying $30 per month.


Flash forward to Feb 2012.

I started having issues one day when I went into the program and tried to delete a share.  There was something wrong with Spideroak's servers and it was not allowing me to delete the share...  It wasn't providing any errors it just stood there trying to delete this share all the while allowing very important files of mine to stack up behind it, waiting to upload.

I sent emails to Support@spideroak and was not getting a timely response so I found the email address for Ethan Oberman who is the CEO.  After several calls and over a dozen emails the issue was resolved.  They did this by moving my information to a new server.  I do not believe they ever figured out what was going on.

Now it's the end of Feb 2012 and I'm cancelling my account

Today after things going great for several weeks I tried to clean up my account by delete unused devices (this was actually the 3rd time I'd try to do this as the first 2 times just killed everything).   Sure enough... about 2 hours after pressing the delete key my program is still trying to delete the device... Again, my important files are waiting to upload but are not allowed because the program is trying to delete the old device...


To Ethan's credit, he was very nice on the phone and genuinely seemed like he cared...

I canceled my subscription for the following reasons.

  1. Software was extremely buggy
  2. Would suck 100% out of my CPU even when no files were being uploaded
  3. extremely slow support response
  4. No Phone support
  5. Service didn't work all the time, and when it did work you had to be very careful what do you did or you would anger the software and everything would go to shit.

So as of this morning I cancelled my subscription via paypal.

I'm currently checking out a product called crashplan which offers about the same features (at least in regards to what I need)  but the nice thing about crashplan is, it's free for my situation.  I use a server to collect all my data that my clients backup.  For me this is actually better than Spideroak because I can house my server where/how I want. 


So now I have all my clients backing up to my main crashplan server, that server is backed up daily.  And of course I still am using Time machine so my data is backed up like 3 times...


Sorry to let you go SpiderOak I was really excited about what your company could be, it's too bad it didn't meet my needs.  I'll check you guys out in a year or too when the bugs have been worked out.