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Recreating a Digium T10i PRI Card Tester

So I purchased a few Digium PRI cards today for use with one of the companies I work with.

Along with the card cam a T10i PRI loop back tester.  This allows you to test your PRI card without having to create a loop back cable.  This is a very simple tutorial.


  1. Start by taking your standard Cat 5 cable.  flare out the ends and then strip the Light Orange, Oragne, Light Blue and Blue conductors.PRITester001
  2. Next you splice the Light Blue to Orange and the Light Orange to Blue conductors.
  3. Next if you like you can cut off all of the unspliced conductors and tape or shrink tube the unit to make it nice and neat.

Below you'll see the Digium supplied T10i unit and the home made unit.  They work the eaxct same.  I actually prefer the home made unit as it's easier to carry around.