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Setting up TCP Transport for Asterisk Endpoints

I wanted to put a useful note here that I need from time to time.


I lifted the following from: HERE


Since one of my endpoints is an iPhone using Bria, I wished to used the TCP transport with Asterisk 1.8 (Purple build of PIAF with Incredible PBX 1.8) in order to save on battery life...

For those who are interested, to do this, simply use the "Asterisk SIP Settings" under the "Other SIP Settings" item to add the following two items:


Then in sip_custom_post.conf , for each extension add:


where "ext" is the extension number. ie: for extension 710, add:


You'll need to restart Asterisk in order to have this enabled (reloading the dial plan probably isn't enough, since Asterisk may not listen on the TCP port until you restart).

Works great for me.

BTW - if you have problems, to see if Asterisk REALLY is listening on TCP port 5060, type:

sudo netstat -tlpn | grep 5060

BTW - t'would be VERY nice if FreePBX not only had an option to specify transport on the Extension setup (or any generic option would do as well).