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Going on a Cruise Trip

I'm headed out today for a 17 day trip to New Zealand / Australia via a Cruise ship.


This is for work so keep your shorts on!  While I'm sure there will be fun parts I'm really not pumped about going.  This trip came on suddenly from work and when I was asked to go I had to cancel a planned and paid for trip to Jamaica! (My Company is paying me any cancellation fees. But... It is what it is...  I really love my job, most of the time.


So I fly out today for an 18 hour flight to Auckland New Zealand.  From there I board a cruise ship and work for 13 days on the ship looking at an issue they have been having with their tech equipment.  I believe it's gonna be extremely boring as I'm not supposed to mingle with the guests (not like a bunch of rich old farts would be interesting to me).  After going around for the 13 days I'll leave in Sydney and then spend a day looking around the city before flying back home just in time to re plan out entire Jamaica trip...