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Using Aperture with Coppermine Photo Gallery

So, I shoot a fair amount of images that I upload to my website.


I thought I would share how I do this more for me so that I can refer back to this so that I'll remember!


Basically Copermine will read the IPTC data from the image file that you upload to it.  It will use this information to populate data for that image in the gallery.  Looking below you will see how IPTC corralates to the Coppermine data.

Aperture IPTC Value Coppermine Data
Headline Photo Title
Caption Photo Description
Keywords Photo Keywords


So What I do is the following.


  1. Import all my photos - I do this a certain way.  A. I import all the photos into a main project folder. Then under that folder I have a bunch of smart folders that will separate all my photos and videos based on certain values, Camera Model, Picture or Video, Rated High or not.  I also usually have a few static albums under the project that I put videos that I made from stitching together images, panos, and other data that really isn't sortable.  Then Finally I have a folder called "Website Ready" which is a smart album of all images in the project that are flagged.
  2. Then I work through all my images, correcting color and other values until I like how all my photos look.
  3. Then I go through all the pictures flagging which images I want to show up on the website.  When I do this the flagged images automatically show up in the Website Ready ablum just like magic!
  4. Once I have finsihed this I will be left with all the pictures I want to publish to the gallery.
  5. Then I go through the entire Website Ready Album and enter Titles, Captions, and Keywords for all of the images as shown below (which you can adjust the display of IPTC/EXIF info by pressing COMMAND + J)
    1. As you can see in this image (maybe) I have entered the IPTC Headline, Caption, and Keywords
  6. Once I have finished with all this I simply export the images using a custom preset that sets the image size to a certain value.
  7. Then I upload them to the galelry and use the batch add files feature to add all of the files to an album.
  8. Because of all my previous work after the files have been uploaded and process they all show with the proper titles, captions, keywords.

And that's it, DONE!