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Sam and I's 2 day prep camp in the mountains

So Last weekend Sam and I went on a easy 2 day backpacking trip in the hills above Colorado Springs.  The main purpose of the trip was to test our all of our gear to ensure it's ready for our Alaska trip. 


What did we find out?

  • The tent needs to be replaced as the pole sleeves are starting to tear (Tent is only 1 year old) Thanks goodness for REI's return policy
  • Gatorade... We found that taking Gatorade powder was a great way to "tastify" the water a bit and it also provides Electrolytes.


Other than that we had a great time.  It looks like I purchased enough batteries for the Alaska trip... now just got to figure out how to pack 60 pounds of MREs, plus another 60-80 pounds of gear...