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I may now be classified as a "Terrorist"

Yup... I guess my government may now classify me as a "threat" 



In part the NSA/other spy agencies have determined that people who do any of the following may be a terrorist.

Encryption - I encrypt almost everything... From my laptop, email communications, to the operating system that my web services run on.

Not on social media - Yup, if your not on facebook, you might be a terrorist.  I use no social networks so I guess I'm doubly dangerous

TOR users - TOR which is a program that helps hide your identity while using the web.  This is a red flag for the government... because... you know if you don't have anything to hide....

Anyone who questions authority - If you happened to question why our government is spying on us then you must be a terrorist.

Shit, just saying the word "terrorist" makes you a person of interest now a days.

What's worse than this?

The really sad part is that it's the American people that allow this to happen.  We are lied to by our representatives in Congress/Senate.  What do we do about it?  In the vast majority of cases we relect these criminals.  When one or two of our elected officials does ask questions they are lambasted.

We have the people who run our spy agencies coming out and directly lying to Congress.  What happens?  nothing... this has been shown time and time again.  There is laws on the books that say if I lie to a government official (Police etc.) then I could be cuffed and tossed in a cage, why are these liars exempt?

Then there is Edward Snowden who is a true American hero.  This is a guy who gave up his high paying career, family, friends, and way of life to warn you and I about how pervasive our governments spying on us is.  What thanks do we give him?  Our elected officials are calling for his head on a pike.  Think about that....  the people we elect to help protect us from this type of illegal spying, instead of doing their job, debate about how we should get this "traitor".  No one seems to think that what he did was for the American people.

So what can you do?

Educate yourself.  An uneducated populous is much easier to control than one that asks questions.