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Know your rights Amendments 1 through 5

I find it simply amazing that our forefathers had the forethought to create the bill of rights (amongst other rights/documents).  I also find it astonishing that many Americans not only do not know their rights but look at those who know/use them to be "difficult", or worse "Anti-American".  I find this truly sad.  These people are a perfect example of how the Media/Government has dumbed down and lied to us to make us bend to their will.


If you are a true American who loves your country it is your duty to know your rights and use them!  If you don't then why did so many people die to protect them?


Here is a short primer on the bill of rights that every American should (but most don't) know.


1st Amendment - Freedom of speech/religion/assembly.

This one is pretty simple.  You have the right to believe in any form of religion you wish (or none).  You have the right to speak your mind.  this means in general that you can say what you want where you want (in public).  You have the right to assemble.  This means that you the government can not disallow people to gather and protest.

Why is this important.

Without this right you have no right to say what you want, believe what you want, and gather to discuss like opinions.   Imagine a life in which you could not critize those in power.  Imagine a world in which there is one religion that is sponsored by the state. 

Without this right I would not be able to write this blog.


2nd Amendment - Right to bear arms

This one is the amendment that's been in the news of late.  It simply states that you have the right own and bear arm (weapons).  Many americans really have no idea what this means.  Owning a gun is not a privilege, it is your right.  this amendments gives you the right to own (any amount) of firearms/weapons.  This amendment also gives you the right to carry your weapon on you. 

Many Americans who utilize this right are frowned upon my those in power and even their fellow Americans.  In many cases where there is an encounter between a US citizen carrying a weapon and a federal agent, the encounter was requested by a fellow (uninformed) US citizen.

Why is this important

It has been show time and time again throughout history that when the populous of a country are not able to arm themselves, they have no way to protect themselves against tyranny.  Imagine if you will a government that oppresses it's people, if you do not have the ability to arm yourself (and create a militia) then you have no ability to resist.


3rd Amendment - (actual Text) - No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be prescribed by law

This one may be a bit harder to understand but is extremely important.  This amendment states that any federal official (or agency) can not take over your home/property for their own purposes unless allowed by law (example eminent domain).

Why is this important

In it's simplest form this amendment protects you from the government forcibly using your house/property as their own.  See, Long ago (which many don't remember since we have this right) soldiers of the British army would march into town and assume all of the houses for the time they were in town.  They could come into your home (and kick you out), use it for their own purposes, and hopefully leave it standing.

This is also to say that a government agency can not use your house to "spy" on your neighbor. They can not set up equipment on your property without your permission even if they conduct an investigation that does not include you.

4th Amendment - The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches.

This is probably one of the most unknown and therefore unused right in America.

This amendment states that no government agency/representative can enter/search your person, house, papers, or effects (which includes your automobile, computers, cell phone, etc).  But what does this mean in practice?  This amendment protects you from Police etc. from randomly searching you with out "reasonable suspicion"

Reasonable suspicion is a term that every single American must understand.  Simply, reasonable suspicion dictates that for a government agency/employee to have the ability to search (among other things) you/effects they must have a suspicion based on "specific and articulable facts" that you have, are, or are about to commit a crime.

Why is this important

Without this amendment there would be nothing to stop the police from entering every single house at their will to search for anything they want to.  The police could simply pull you over without cause and search your person and your vehicle for anything and everything.

This is one of those amendments (Like the 2nd and 5th) that many americans will vilify you for using.  Why is this?  Simply we are taught from a young age that if you don't have anything to hide then you don't have anything to worry about.  This is a very dangerous way to think.  I do not advocate breaking any just law, however, I would much rather 100 criminals go free than send one innocent person to jail.  The police or any government agency/employee do not have the right to enter your home to "check for X" unless they are able to clearly articulate why you are breaking the law.  

5th Amendment - The right against self incrimination.

This is probably the most misunderstood amendment.  This simply states that you do not have to incriminate yourself.  But what does that really mean?  Why would we have an amendment that helps criminals?!?

The truth is, this amendment was written not for the guilty but for the innocent.  This amendment give you the right to remain silent!  You are not required to tell any federal official anything.  There are exceptions to this law, for example in some states you must identify yourself if requested to do so by the police.  However, this is a rare exception.

Why is this important.

The best way to explain this would be for you to watch this video.  but for those who do not have 50 minutes of free time here is the condensed version.  

In 2012 40,000 new laws were put on the books.  Think about that for a second, 40,000 new laws are now in effect.  Do you know them?  I don't.

Police (and other government agencies) are not only taught how to trick you into admitting to a crime (even if one hasn't been committed) but they are allowed by law to lie to you!  Yes you heard it 100% correct.  A police officer can look you straight in the eye and deceive you.  You, however, are not allowed to lie to the police.  Therefore, you have only way to protect yourself.  SHUT UP and use your 5th amendment right!  Unfortunately you will find that many of your fellow americans will assume (due to their ignorance) that you are guilty since you wish to not talk.  This is very sad but ultimately you are the true American who understand your rights.