Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Review

Setup and Adjustment

ProfileThe reviewers tried multiple times in the days leading up to the trip to set the hammock up but the lack of properly spaced trees and lack of free time meant that we also had to pack our tried and tested tent with us as a backup. In the end this was vital as I was able to use a slightly modified test pole as a replacement for the one that was lost.

I don't want to harp on it, but I do believe a complete and thought out manual would have been nice.  I had no indication at what angle I should put the rope at, or any clue how and where to use the guy line loops, pole support loops.  A manual would also have been helpful in understanding what some of the features of the hammock are.  Both the rain fly and hammock have Velcro strategically placed.  However, I find no way of A. lining up the Velcro in any useful way and B. there are not equal amounts of Velcro on the tarp to attach to the hammock.  I'm sure these questions could be easily answered if only there was a method to do so! 

The  tent shipped with very ridged and extremely slippery rope. It was very knot unfriendly and tying a taunt line hitch was near impossible. Before leaving on the trip I stopped at the local store and grabbed some rappel rings and 1 inch webbing. I also purchased online 50 feet of 2mm rope and 60 feet of 7/16" Amsteel rope. This apparently has a 20,000lb+ breaking strength and worked great. Very low sag, extremely light, and works well in the rings. I used the supplied rope to construct loops which I used to gather the hammock fabric and insert through the rings. 



 These rings worked flawlessly on both the rings and on the carabineers I brought. The only issue we had was when using the largest ring you would have to wrap one extra time around the ring to keep it from slipping.

Rain fly that comes with the hammock is just big enough to cover the whole thing, which is just what is needed.  I also have a feeling it will wrap around the hammock if I knew how. When I got the rainfly I actually had a hard time stuffing it as it was so damn slippery!  like oil coated plastic or something.

The Rainfly without the hammock set up yet

Two People One Hammock,you would think that each person would be rolling into the other, but in essence this really is two separate hammocks with a simplest shell over it and a piece of fabric between them. While this set up offers new opportunities it also presents a few challenges. On the top of that list, picking two trees that are two far apart and then sitting down!  Due to the way things like gravity and physics work, if you tie up to trees that are too far apart and put weight on the hammocks, each will want to naturally swing to the shortest point between it's supporting trees. Since the Hammocks only have a limited amount of slack between them it's possible for the two peoples' weight to destroy the trough between the sleepers, but also the roof. 

This provides a simple but effective solution is two tie a piece of strong rope loop to allow the two hammocks to only move apart from each other a predetermined amount.  I'm experimenting with using a rope ring in the middle then using it to help with adjustment.  This same principal works the other way too!  So long as the head end trees are too too close you can use an actual spreader bar tied outside the hammocks on the head end will keep the two sleepers the proper distance apart.  Both of these methods increase strain on the rope, but I think that the hammock is not effected in the slightest.


Using this rope I can protect the hammock from ripping apart in "wide tree" situations


  • Throw that rope in the trash! - Sure, it has the one advantage of being non water wicking, it totally sucks.
  • Update the tent poles - I'm not sure if they are saving Clark like 5 bucks an order but they could use a bit of modification.
    • It's extremly easy to loose the poles as there is no shock cord.
    • The poles are black and white making them hard to find at night or in cases with tall dead grass
    • It very easy to put the poles in out of order due to the end poles being indistinguishable from the middle poles.
  • Explain things better  Even if I use the online manual things are not explained well.
    • What is the black webbing on the head ends?  is it a guide on how much to separate the heads? or is it protection to keep the heads from ripping apart?  If it's protection then why say not to use trees that are further than X apart?
    • When should use tie back the poles?  how much since they tighten when you get it?
    • Questions like these had to be found out in the field and it would have been nice to read about them first.