Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Review

Sleep and Comfort

ProfileThe real test of any sleeping system is how well can you sleep and how comfortable are you?

I was quite sceptical when I purchase the hammock if it would be comfortable.  I own several other day hammocks and whil they are nice, you can't quite sleep in them...  I must note that I have yet to sleep in this hammock without any type of mat. I would, each night roll out my 5 foot long 1.5 inch air matress which I believe does quite a bit in smoothing out the curve of the hammock.


Day  comfort is not as important and sleeping but it is worth noting.  The Vertext hammock has somewhat high sides (to help with keeping you in I'm sure).  This makes hard to sit and hang your legs over the side.  It doesn't make it hard on you, but you rest the weight of your legs on a 6-8 tall sidewall which has the zipper on the edge.  During our trip I never felt comforatble putting my full leg weight on this wall as it seem to really pull on the zipper.  I was really afraid at times that I was putting to much strain on the hammock.

Me getting in the hammock after a long day of paddeling.  Notice the high walls that my legs are resting on

Night  comfort is what it's all about it.  This hammock when properly setup (and in our case with a sleeping pad) is hands down the most comfortable camping sleep you can have, period!  When properly set up, I would have a hard time picking the bed over the hammock.  There are no bumps, roots, rocks, damp swampy ground, but a sooth always predicable cloud to lay on.  This review was preformed in PWS Alaska and while it may look like there is dry ground in many places I can tell you that in 99.5 cases if your not standing on rock then at best it's dry ground only until you put your weight on it and then the spongy ground will let the water come forth!  So having the ability to get off the ground is extremely nice.  We woke up each morning on the trip energized and ready to go, well, once we tore ourselves from the perfect bed for the night!  I have gone on the trips many times and I'm being 100% honest when I say that I have never went a full 16 days camping and never once heard "my back hurts".  The ability for this hammock to provide a perfect sleep makes up for all it's other shortfalls.

Me getting in the hammock after a long day of paddeling.  Notice the high walls that my legs are resting on