Clark Vertex 2 Person Hammock Review

Ease of Use

While it was expected that a hammock would be more difficult to set up than a tent I was surprised at the learning curve.  The knots are easy to learn, and the hammock itself is not hard either.  The real challenge comes in working with variables.  Sure you need three trees, but rarely will you find three perfectly spaced trees.  More often, you'll find that one of the head end trees may be in line, but several feet further away from the foot tree than the other head tree.  It took a while to learn that no matter where the trees are the angle at which the hammock attaches  must be the same for all points, and it seems that about a 8-10 degree angle is what your looking for.  Any more than this and you really will start feeling like a banana, any less and you increase strain on the hammock making it hard to close and potentially can harm the hammock.


of our hanging setups were not ideal.  This cause for some late night stress as we had to think on our feet (cold and wet they were!).  Each time we learned something new, and it usually was something that you want to NOT do.  Thank goodness for AmSteel rope, I happen to have about 50 feet of 7/16" on me and it saved our asses on more than one occasion.