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Alaska 2011 - Trip Costs


Tentative Trip Costs

Travel Costs

  • Flights (From Colorado Springs to Anchorage and back) - $1400
  • RV (More detail about this in it's own article) - $1500 (Plus $500 deposit)

Misc. Fees / Food / Parking / Licensing / Gas

With the gas prices escalating like they are we wanted to play it safe. 

We figured our RV will get approx. 9 miles to the gallon.  We also figured that gas will cost $5.00 per gallon (which is high)   Since our planned trip is about 1400 miles we used the following calculation to figure out gas costs. (1400 / 9) * 5 =  ~$800

So $800 for gas, and we budgeted an additional $900 for other costs and to dip into if our $1000 each runs out.

A total of $1700 is factored into these misc. fees.

Misc Spending Money

We have planned spending no more that $1,000 each on activities.


In total we are taking $3,700 with us for the trip.


Alaska 2011 - Basic Trip Information

Basic Trip Information

Our Trip to Alaska this year is from May 30 - June 12.

Trip Overview

We will be landing in Anchorage and picking up a RV and driving around the state for a total of 12 days.  We will not be staying in any hotels and will be only staying in paid camp sites if we have to.


  • Go to Fairbanks, Tok, Valdez, Whittier, Homer
  • Spend a night or two in Denali National Park
  • Attend local farmer markets when possible
  • Not enter any chain stores, especially Walmart!

Other Info

I hope to be putting up daily or bi-daily reports of what we are doing in Alaska.  My hopes are that with these series of reports someone will be able to successfully duplicate our trip and have the time of their lives without the need to figure all this out as we have had to do.

Alaska Trip, Draft 3

Alaska - Getting closer

So our plans have changed somewhat...  

Melissa was not able to go to Egypt this year (for obvious reasons) so instead she's coming up to Alaska.

Sam wasn't sure if he could make it but now is hoping to come up for a week of the trip.

Heres, our current plan

  • We have reserved a RV for the whole trip.  While it's more expensive then a car it's cheaper then getting hotel rooms.
  • Land in Anchorage and Taxi over to the RV for the night.
  • Leave out for a week long loop around Fairbanks and Delta Junction.
  • Get back to Anchorage in time to pick up Sam from the airport (hopefully) and then head down to the peninsula
  • Then we'll spend almost another week there seeing the sites.

It's going to be really fun!  I can't wait.


I'm so lucky to be able to go back to Alaska (my favorite spot) for a 3rd time.  This time will be the best because both Melissa and my best buddy Sam get to come!

Alaska Trip, Draft 2

After talking to Sam the new plan is as follows.


Melissa will be in Egypt at the same time were on our trip so it all really works out well.


Fly to Anchorage, get a car.  Then drive that sucker from Anchorage - Fairbanks - Valdez - Whittier - Seward and then back to Anchorage...  1100 miles or so in about 7 days.  It's going to be great!

Were also going to Fedex our packs up to Anchorage and do some backpacking in Denali Park.  No, we won't be attempting the summit but it would be nice to spend a night or too somewhere in the park.

This trip even though it sounds adventures really isn't... Just a 1000 miles of driving.  Hopefully we'll only stay in a hotel once or twice and sleep in the tent the rest of the time.


I wonder how many Alaskans are going to see as much of the state as were going to!!!

Alaska Getting Closer



Hopefully sam will let me know this week if he's going to be able to accompany me to Alaska this year.


If he can below you'll see a little picture of the road trip we plan on taking.

AK Trip First Draft


Pondering another trip to Alaska

Was thinking about doing another trip to Alaska while Melissa is in Egypt this year.


Hopefully the stars will align and Sam and I can head up north in May!

Pre-Alaska Trip Report # 1

Today I paid the big bucks to get the house in Palmer AK reserved. Now we have to go! $1008 for a one bedroom cabin here www.alaskavacationpackages.com Now we just need to get the flight tickets, and a rental car and we'll be set! Minus food, activities, and drinks of course!

Last day of the Alaskan Adventure

Well, this is it.... the last day :( It's been a great week and a half since we got here... I've met some really nice people, and have seen many sights. I wish I could stay longer, but I need to get home and see my lady.... I've been missing her like crazy. We purchased a insulated shipping box to carry home my fish that I caught, but we'll have to exchange it for a large one as it looks like I'll be bringing home around 60 or so fish, and some moose meat "burger" that was given to me. I will be back, oh yes, with my girl, we will be back!![newline] !!! [thumb:9724:l][thumb:9769:l][thumb:9796:l]

Day 7 of the Alaskan adventure

Today we woke up extremely late due to our 2.30 am fishing trip. I awoke and started getting ready for out fishing trip today. We fished for about 4 hours and I got 4 big keepers, including my personal best. a 22 inch 8lb trout.... It may not sound that big, but I'm a shitty fisherman :) tonight were going to go to Eagle River to catch a movie and get me a Ice cooler to help bring home my catch. Then guess what.... were coming back to the cabin to do some more midnight fishing!!! I'm having a great time, but I'm ready to get home, see my lady, and plan her and mine's trip to Alaska next year :)

Day 6 of the Alaskan adventure

Well, it's cloudy and raining right now.... Hopefully the weather will get better so we can do some more fishing... but it not it will be a great day to catch up on some rest. [newline][thumb:9255:l][thumb:9276:r][thumb:9301:l][thumb:9339:r][thumb:9359:l][thumb:9445:r]

Day 5 of the Alaskan Adventure

Today is my 5th day here and it was really neat. but first, I just want to say how much I miss my girl.... I can't wait to see you again. Today we woke up and did some fishing, where I got 1 good keeper and 5 finglerings. Were hoping to go again tonight around midnight or so since the sun is up for ever here. We went to a small town thing today. Much like the place where I grew up. I forget the name but the main event was the Palmer bed races where 8 or so beds did this little race about 300 feet long. While moving they had to stop at these little stations and had to do little goofy things while there. It was kinda dorky but really nice. Now it's 9.41 AK time and were just waiting for these people on the lake to leave because were not actually allowed to fish there for two days... HA! were lawbreakers!!

4 days into on our Alaska adventure!

Well, we are four days into our trip and let me tell you it's pretty cool up here. We've seen all the wild life there is from moose, to carabu, to beavers, no bears yet. Today we are going to be going into Anchorage to see some parade and maybe do some fishing tonight. I just wanted to say a few words of thanks to Jared, Scotie, and Zack who opened their homes and cars to me to help out. I can't wait until I can repay the favor to someone else. You can see the pictures I'm uploading from the trip in my gallery, just look at the very top and you'll see the photo album, but don't worry, I'll re-edit all the pictures that are twisted or messed up when I get home. I could move to Alaska in a heartbeat!

Finally here in Alaska!

Well boy's can girls, WERE HERE!!! We flew into Anchorage around 9.30 pm and were amazed that the sun was still high in the sky!! We left the airport and got a rental car, then the hunger bug attacked. Well even though it looks like it's 7pm outside, it's really almost 11.30pm so most of the places we wanted to eat were closed. So we settled on Dennys. The food wasn't very good but we had a few laughs watching this crazy lady constantly check one of her EIGHT watches! Yes you read correctly, this woman had five watches on one arm and three on the other. She kept looking at them and writing in a journal or something. When we left I was able to catch a glance of what she was writing and it was our typical crazy lady stuff... numbers, bits of sentences, and a lot of time entrys... Any way we got to the cabin about 1am and now it's 2.11am which is actually 4.11am my time.... I'm so tired, but it's still semi-light outside, so it's going to be hard to sleep!

Leaving Monday for Alaska

Well, the time is almost here! I'll be leaving the Springs around noon on Monday and will be landing in Anchorage around Midnight. Then we'll be heading to Palmer for a few days, then back to anchorage to do some site seeing. I'll be staying with several people while in anchorage. and THANK YOU FOR YOUR HOSPITALITY!!!!! Hopefully I'll be able to add pictures to the site each night while i'm there.

Alaska trip getting closer…

Well, with the trip to Alaska just around the corner, I guess I should get to planning! So I was thinking of this. Our plane will land on the 9th in Anchorage, and I'm sure I'll go with the boss and his family to wherever they are staying that night. I know that we have a cabin outside of Palmer but I want to kinda see the sites on my own, so I am electing to go to Anchorage on the 11th and hopefully find a free bed to sleep in via the globalfreeloaders.com network I sent out the email today so we'll see if I get a response. BTW. what a cool idea, basically it's other people who offer a free bed or couch in their house to sleep on. Anyway, I'm also planning on renting a mountain bike on the 11th "$24 per day" so i'll have transportation around town. then from their I plan to ride this coastal trail they have, go to the ocean, and see this thing called a "boril" tide? I've seen it on TV and here's a link to it on Youtube. It's an interesting event I want to see. Then I was also thinking about hiking the bike up this mountain called flattop which is supposed to have some great views, and I'm hoping some great downhills. I also hope to meet up with the locals and find out what else there is to do before I head back to Palmer to do some stuff with the Boss's family Sunday-Tuesday. Then we'll come home on Wed. I can't wait!