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It's been over a year since I posted!!

Yup, it's been forever since I've updated this website!


Why?  Well, I suppose the primary reason is I'm just too damn busy.  Work is something else, with all of the training and self learning I find I'm working 60+ hours each week (which I'm putting a stop to).  And to be honest, I just don't have the energy to update this site regularly.  Plus, as the owner of madhatt.co so elequintly put it, "Only you and your mom check out this site."  Well, That's true, but that still doesn't mean I'll ever sell the site to your dumb ass.


Anywho,  what have I been up to.

2014 - Sam and I went to Alaska kayaking again, this is somewhat documented on the site.  long story short- It was hella fun!

2015 - In the first part of May my lady and I went on vacation along with Sarah to Iceland and Scotland.  It was a very interesting and fun trip.  We got a ton of pics of course, just getting them up on the site is taking forever.

To exacerbate this a bit more, I'm now sitting on flight somewhere over the middle of nowhere on my way to Shanghai, China.  This is a work trip, and I'm not happy to do it!  As is typical from what I've seen of the Chinese I am flying over to correct issues that their lying, and childish behaivour has caused.  Don't even get me started!


I'm looking forward to getting back to Colorado to my lady and the freedom to speak my mind!