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Welcome to the new madhatt.com

The site has had a make over and got updated a bit.  All of the same information is still here and I'm adding a few new things including a new reviews section.


So, if your one of the three people who check out my site, the pictures from the 2014 alaska trip are coming very soon!


Gallery Images -- A small sample of the new pictures (taken from my Clark Hammock Review)

Top message

Due to recent news about how pervasovly the US government spies on its own citizens I have decided to move this website to the underweb. 

Within the next few days madhatt.com will be accessible via the TOR network.

Starting to Pack for the 2013 Kayak Trip

So Sam and I started to get some packing done for our kayaking trip this year.  Boy, it's not until you start to pack do you see A. how much stuff your bringing and B. how much stuff you still need...



It's going to be a hell of a trip though!

Sam and I's 2 day prep camp in the mountains

So Last weekend Sam and I went on a easy 2 day backpacking trip in the hills above Colorado Springs.  The main purpose of the trip was to test our all of our gear to ensure it's ready for our Alaska trip. 


What did we find out?

  • The tent needs to be replaced as the pole sleeves are starting to tear (Tent is only 1 year old) Thanks goodness for REI's return policy
  • Gatorade... We found that taking Gatorade powder was a great way to "tastify" the water a bit and it also provides Electrolytes.


Other than that we had a great time.  It looks like I purchased enough batteries for the Alaska trip... now just got to figure out how to pack 60 pounds of MREs, plus another 60-80 pounds of gear...

Does my Snom 300 Track me with Google Analytics??

So, I work with SIP phones all the time and I got a Snom 300 phone to test the other day.


When I powered it up and logged in to the Web UI the first thing I noticed was that there seemed to be tracking code in the website of the phone!


You can see what I mean with the below picture




I have reached out to Snom to find out what was going on and the first reply I got from them was very discouraging.

@madhatt159 Your phone just tries to get the newest Firmware version from our provisioning server. There is no tracking.
5/2/13 6:20 AM



So, They state up front that there is no tracking however you can see from my screenshot that there clearly is google analytics code on the site.

In fact here is a screenshot of the actual code


The UA number used is 1331074


And if you google around a bit you'll find the following website which shows this same UA code used by Snom.com


here's a screenshot.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.53.01 PM

I am still waiting on replies from Snom regarding this and will post and update once I have one.


UPDATE #1 - 5/3/2013

My last tweet was replied to by Snom.

@madhatt159 please explain! and send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. thanks
5/3/13 8:55 AM



UPDATE #2 - 5/3/2013

After speaking with the good folks on the Asterisk IRC I foudn out that I can disable this tracking by disablein "Advertising" in Prefs.


After disabling the Snom Ad banner, no more tracking code is found.  Therefore I believe what is going on is that the website that the banner lives on is the one actually using analytics code and NOT the phone itself.


Missin you guys

was looking through my pictures and came across this one.


I really miss you guys...


Using Aperture with Coppermine Photo Gallery

So, I shoot a fair amount of images that I upload to my website.


I thought I would share how I do this more for me so that I can refer back to this so that I'll remember!


Basically Copermine will read the IPTC data from the image file that you upload to it.  It will use this information to populate data for that image in the gallery.  Looking below you will see how IPTC corralates to the Coppermine data.

Aperture IPTC Value Coppermine Data
Headline Photo Title
Caption Photo Description
Keywords Photo Keywords


So What I do is the following.


  1. Import all my photos - I do this a certain way.  A. I import all the photos into a main project folder. Then under that folder I have a bunch of smart folders that will separate all my photos and videos based on certain values, Camera Model, Picture or Video, Rated High or not.  I also usually have a few static albums under the project that I put videos that I made from stitching together images, panos, and other data that really isn't sortable.  Then Finally I have a folder called "Website Ready" which is a smart album of all images in the project that are flagged.
  2. Then I work through all my images, correcting color and other values until I like how all my photos look.
  3. Then I go through all the pictures flagging which images I want to show up on the website.  When I do this the flagged images automatically show up in the Website Ready ablum just like magic!
  4. Once I have finsihed this I will be left with all the pictures I want to publish to the gallery.
  5. Then I go through the entire Website Ready Album and enter Titles, Captions, and Keywords for all of the images as shown below (which you can adjust the display of IPTC/EXIF info by pressing COMMAND + J)
    1. As you can see in this image (maybe) I have entered the IPTC Headline, Caption, and Keywords
  6. Once I have finished with all this I simply export the images using a custom preset that sets the image size to a certain value.
  7. Then I upload them to the galelry and use the batch add files feature to add all of the files to an album.
  8. Because of all my previous work after the files have been uploaded and process they all show with the proper titles, captions, keywords.

And that's it, DONE!




Enjoying Jamaica

Melissa and I are enjoying the warm weather and fun times here in Jamaica.


Here's a picture of Mel at the Bob Marley Museum. 


Jamaica, Tomorrow...

Tomorrow we leave!


Just a few more hours before I'll be in the nice 80 degree weather with my toes in the sand!




My Camera Gear

For the fun of it I thought I would show my current camera gear.  


Nikon D5100 with 18-55, 55-300, and 18-300 lenses (GPS too)

Nikon AW100 underwater camera with GPS

Nikon P500 for my buddy to use

GO Pro Hero 3 HD

about 25 batteries for both the aw100 and Go pro and 10 for the D5100


And about 200Gb of storage in a water proof case


IMG 1330

IMG 1329

My first attempt at a bitcoin price notification script

So I'm having issues getting notifications about bitcoin prices.  Last night the price dropped and I didn't know because I didn't get any notifications... so I made a simple script on my linux server that runs every minute and checks the price...  if the price drops below a certain value I get a text message (via a email to sms).


This script is very simple one but it will text me once a minute until I shut off the script so It will be hard to sleep through another price drop!



rm -rvf /tmp/ticke*

#set up email
# Email To ?
EMAIL="MY SMS EMAILThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."">";
MIDEMAIL="MY REGULAR EMAILThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."">";
# other variables

while :
#get web file
#curl --socks http://data.mtgox.com/api/1/BTCUSD/ticker | sed 's/^...............................................//' | cut -f1 -d"\"" > /tmp/ticker2
curl --socks http://blockchain.info/ticker | grep "USD" | cut -f3 -d":" | cut -f1 -d"," | cut -f2 -d" " > /tmp/ticker2
#copy last price
#LASTPRICE=$(cat /tmp/ticker2 | head -1)
a=$(cat /tmp/ticker2)
echo $a

#Run price checks -- LOW
echo "low pass"

echo "$LASTPRICE" | mail -s "Low Price Alert!" "$EMAIL" "$MIDEMAIL" "$MESSAGE"
echo "Low Price fail"

#Run price checks -- HIGH
echo "high pass"

echo "$LASTPRICE" | mail -s "MID Price Alert" "$EMAIL" "$MIDEMAIL" "$MESSAGE"
echo "High Price fail"
#Run price checks -- MIDDLE
echo "MID pass"

echo "$LASTPRICE" | mail -s "High Price Alert" "$MIDEMAIL" "$MESSAGE"
echo "mid Price fail"




#save price in file for others
#echo "setting web price"
#touch /var/www/madhatt.com/btcprice.html
#echo "$WEBPRICE" > /var/www/madhatt.com/btcprice.html
echo "current sleep time = "$sleep
sleep $sleep


Jamaica just over a week away!

So Melissa and I will be flying down to Jamaica next week friday. I have to admit, I'm really looking forward to the warm beaches and a break from things around here.

Melissa even got me a pair of swimming trunks!

Back from the Cruise

I'm finally back from the other side of the world.  Even though I was working most of the time I was still able to get almost 3500 pictures taken.  I'll put these into the gallery as soon as they are ready.