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Hmm.... Never remember hearing this on the US News...

S E C R E T KHARTOUM 000249 NOFORN DEPARTMENT FOR AF A A/S CARTER, AF/SPG, NEA/IPA, ISN/CATR, NSC FOR MGAVIN AND CHUDSON EO 12958 DECL: 02/24/2019 TAGS ETTC, MASS, PARM, PGOV, PREL, SU SUBJECT: SUDAN COMPLAINS OF “PROBABLY AMERICAN” BOMBING ATTACKS IN EASTERN SUDAN REF: A. KHARTOUM 120 B. KHARTOUM 107 C. KHARTOUM 82 D. KHARTOUM 59 Classified By: CDA Alberto M. Fernandez for reasons 1.4 (b) and (d). 1. (S) CDA Fernandez was summoned to the Foreign Ministry on the morning of February 24 by Americas Department head Ambassador Nasreddin Wali. Wali said that he had sensitive and worrisome information to relate to the Charge. Reading from hand-written notes in Arabic and referring to a large dog-eared map brought in for the occasion, Wali said that there had been two air attacks on Eastern Sudan in January and February. In the January attack, 43 people were killed and 17 vehicles destroyed. This occurred near Magd, in the Gebeit region of Red Sea state, “the Northern part of an area known as Oku” (phonetic). It is roughly at the latitude of 17 degrees and longitude of 33.5, according to Wali. 2. (S) The second attack occurred on February 20 at Bir al-Mansurab (latitude of 17 degrees and longitude of 34, according to Wali). The second attack was 15 kilometers from the site of the January attack. In the February attack, 45 Sudanese were kalled and 14 vehicles destroyed. Both attacks occurred 150 kilometers deep inside Sudan, not near any international border. 3. (S) Wali said that “we assume that the planes that attacked us are your planes.” He said that Sudan has had “tight cooperation” with the United States on security matters and any concerns that the USG has about security related issues can be raised within the context of bilateral diplomatic and intelligence relations between the two countries. He added that “Sudan would like to have clarification about this matter. We protest this act and we condemn it. Sudan reserves the right to respond appropriately, at the right time, in a legal manner consistent with protecting its sovereignty.” 4. (S) Comment: This complaint by Sudan comes on the heels of the Embassy being tasked by Washington to demarche Khartoum on weapons smuggling issues possibly involving Iran and Hamas (reftels a-c). So it is easy for the regime to assume that the demarches and these kinetic incidents are somehow connected. The initial attack is already the object of gossip by elements of Sudan’s political elite, even outside the tight confines of the regime’s inner circle (reftel d). CDA had already scheduled an Emergency Action Committee meeting on February 24 to discuss the Embassy’s security posture in the runup to the March 4 ICC announcement and this latest news is an additional concern in a very volatile political environment. Embassy requests Washington guidance on what - if any - formal response should be given to the Sudanese. And should this potentially explosive story somehow leak to the sensationalistic Sudanese press, it could very well turn our security situation here from bad to worse. End comment. FERNANDEZ

Wikileaks is doing good work

WikiLeaks. I just wanted to post my admiration for Julian Assange and Wikileaks.org Because of him and his group of patriots we now know what "secrets" our country keeps from us. I don't care if some in Congress and Canada want you executed.  I believe you are doing this world a great service, even if the mighty mighty America calls you a terrorist

Facebook blows...

Yep, I'm basically leaving facebook... perhaps I'll leave posts direct my friends to this webiste... Why? Because facebook is too liberal with my privacy.... One matter I'm very conservative about!


I can't believe it's almost mid November and it almost 70 degrees outside!!!!

A nice night

Just sitting out by the fire with Mel and some friends. Had some good ribs tonight. Very good

Testing new iPad

Just testing out the new iPad. A client of mine purchased me on as part of a development deal for them. Now I just have to figure out how to complete the project. The iPad. Pretty cool.

Just wanted to rave

About DropBox.com  If your like me and have several computers that need to stay in sync this is the best service! check em out www.dropbox.com

Camping getting closer

I can't wait.  Just 7 more days and I'll be out on the trail.  It's been way too long and I'm getting way to out of shape. I would like to make a pact to get back into shape.  So here it is website, you and me.  while you really can't loose any weight seeing how your hosted on a Mac Mini I sure can.  Though whats odd is that I'm not really that fat I just weigh more....

Added 50 new banner pictures

Today I added almost 50 new banner pictures of Melissa and mine's adventure to Alaska...  Just refresh your page to keep seeing random images.

More details on camping

Looks like sam and I will be attempting Sections 13-15 of the Colorado

Getting ready for the Big Camping trip of the year!

Looks like just a few weeks and Sam and I will be heading on our 5 day camping trip. Were going to hike 20-40 miles of the colorado trail (were out of shape). If anyone knows of some good segments to hike let me know!

It's been a long time...

Since I've added anything to this blog... Mainly it's because I've been so busy... Well, I'm still alive and kicking!

Melissa and I's First Vacation together in 7 years

In May Melissa and I will be going on vacation for a week together. We've decided to go to Alaska and see the sights. I was there in 2008 and loved it. We'll be staying at the same house that I did when I was there but we're sure to have quite a few new adventures. So I have submitted for vacation May 17-24 this will give us 9 days in Alaska and 1 day to recoup when we get back.