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This sunday I fly out to Charlotte NC for Telematrix work. Then Next Saturday I fly out to Tomah WI, to do my first work out of state for my own company. couple grand in a weekend is a pretty good reason to visit Wisconsin!

Gallery is back up

It took a while, mainly because I don't have much time to work on the site but I got the gallery back up and running.

We dropped Comcast Cable

So after a few weeks of talking about it we finally dropped Comcast. We are now using a Mac Mini media center that pulls may of our shows from the internet and displays on the tv. I also have a device that allows me to record live tv on the Mac Mini (by using a digitial TV antenna) It's different, but it's also $120 cheaper per month!

Back up

Well it looks like the site is back up. I brought up a new server for the images due to some difficulties running my website on my companies servers. So, it should be back to 100%.

poor Roxy

So Roxy and I were playing the other day and I guess I poked her in the eye pretty hard,  well, I guess it filled with blood and she couldn't see so we took her to the vet.  They said to give it another week for the blood to be absorbed by her body and then they gave her her vaccines. Well, I guess she's allergic to the vaccine and her poor face swelled up like a melon! Swollen Roxy

Gallery Offline

After recently updating to the newest version of PHP I noticed that it crashed my server. I'm in the process of rebuilding the full server but need components to make my gallery work. So until further notice the gallery will be offline.  (hopefully only a week or so)

Letter to the second "hacker"

Thanks, I think you helped me figure out the stupid mistake that I made that allowed my site to be hacked. I also liked the shek.php file you left allowing you to manage the my files. Again, I'm so glad I backup hourly :)

To the "hacker"

Congrats. I could say many things, but the one I'll stick to is, good job. While I'm sure you used some canned solution to hack my site you did it. good thing I keep backups :) Hacked #1

Back from texas

Well I'm back from Texas the grandparents are doing better so that makes me glad. But nothing is worse then seeing people you love in pain, one of those universal truths

Mountain Biking Elk Park one last time

So Sam and I had one last ride down Elk park before the snow hit.  We had a great time!  When we got there we stuck our thumbs out as usual to snag a ride.  These two very nice ladies who were traveling cross country picked us up.  The funny thing was, about half way up they pulled over and asked me to drive so they could sit in the back of the truck and enjoy the views...  I of course had no problem with this but I bet they wouldn't have been so eager to have me drive if they knew what kind of road was ahead... Any way, we had a great time and took a few pictures of the ride your all to see. HERES THE GALLERY

Slow as usual

Well, I've been working a lot as of late.  I have a full 40hr week with 1 job, then I work with Big Ear 8-15 hours a week, plus my company take alot from me... Oh well, I hope to get out and do 1 more camp before the year is over.  Maybe even this weekend, since it's a long one...