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Server room

Here's the room

My New/Old Motorcycle

Ok, before I start I should say something to Mom. I'll be careful!  I'm scheduled to take a motorcycle training class this weekend (Melissa's taking it with me :))  Once I have that done I'll be ready to ride! I picked up this baby last night from a local seller for a KILLER price!  97 Honda Shadow with only 10,000 miles on it.  Almost MINT condition. I'll be getting the helmet in less than a week, tags, insurance and all that jazz to follow then it's riding time! [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="280" caption="It sooooo pretty"]Full view of Bike
It sooooo pretty[/caption]
Full view of Bike

I'm thinking of getting a motorcycle

Well, Planning is more like it! I'm getting a Honda Shadow most likely.  There very cheap used and run good from what I've heard.  I've even seen them for $2400 with 6K miles before.  Just waiting for the right one to pop up on craigslist! Just something simple, not too fast and can take me on longer trips than a crotch rocket.

Dropped my iPhone today

This just isn't my week. Today I dropped my iphone while getting out of my truck.  This of course broke the glass digitizer on the phone. [gallery] luckily it will only cost me $50 to buy a new digitizer from ebay and do the replacement at home.

Sams new bike

Sam is enjoying his ne motorcycle. He snagged it today from Denver at a good price.

Face of sauce

Sitting here with sam at famous Daves with a cute face of BBQ sauce in front of me

Training in denver on Wed.

So Melissa and I will be staying in Denver Tuesday night because it have to go to some training for a new PBX provider. Im sure it will be a boring 8 hours but it's a good learning experience

My trappin hat

You know you like it

A day in the clouds

Sam and I are at devils playground in the mists of a huge cloud it's like being In a cold humidifier.

Sitting on pikes peak

Sam and I Are finly on pikes peak. It Lmostrained on us but we got lucky though. More pics to come

Going camping today

Sam and I are going camping today but right now ere at the omelette parlor getting breakfast


Were sitting here eAting at captin ds after a few hours of. Hard labor...

Mountain biking the chutes with sam

Here are a few pics from our mountain biking trip today I have also included a video that we shot with the new phone. 



My first mobile post

Here is My first post using the wordpress app on My phone Here's a pic too