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Going on a Cruise Trip

I'm headed out today for a 17 day trip to New Zealand / Australia via a Cruise ship.


This is for work so keep your shorts on!  While I'm sure there will be fun parts I'm really not pumped about going.  This trip came on suddenly from work and when I was asked to go I had to cancel a planned and paid for trip to Jamaica! (My Company is paying me any cancellation fees. But... It is what it is...  I really love my job, most of the time.


So I fly out today for an 18 hour flight to Auckland New Zealand.  From there I board a cruise ship and work for 13 days on the ship looking at an issue they have been having with their tech equipment.  I believe it's gonna be extremely boring as I'm not supposed to mingle with the guests (not like a bunch of rich old farts would be interesting to me).  After going around for the 13 days I'll leave in Sydney and then spend a day looking around the city before flying back home just in time to re plan out entire Jamaica trip...

Jamaica Vacation is Getting Close!

Just a few more weeks before Melissa and I get to spend 9 beautiful WARM days in Jamaica!


Many picutres are soon to come!

Setting up TCP Transport for Asterisk Endpoints

I wanted to put a useful note here that I need from time to time.


I lifted the following from: HERE


Since one of my endpoints is an iPhone using Bria, I wished to used the TCP transport with Asterisk 1.8 (Purple build of PIAF with Incredible PBX 1.8) in order to save on battery life...

For those who are interested, to do this, simply use the "Asterisk SIP Settings" under the "Other SIP Settings" item to add the following two items:


Then in sip_custom_post.conf , for each extension add:


where "ext" is the extension number. ie: for extension 710, add:


You'll need to restart Asterisk in order to have this enabled (reloading the dial plan probably isn't enough, since Asterisk may not listen on the TCP port until you restart).

Works great for me.

BTW - if you have problems, to see if Asterisk REALLY is listening on TCP port 5060, type:

sudo netstat -tlpn | grep 5060

BTW - t'would be VERY nice if FreePBX not only had an option to specify transport on the Extension setup (or any generic option would do as well).

Melissa and I going on a Mini-Vacation

This weekend Melissa and I will be going on a mini vacation to the south west of the state to see Mesa Verde National/State Park.


It's gonna be a nice relaxed time while still seeing some of the beauty of Colorado!

Neil Young / Alabama Shakes / 2 days at Red Rocks

What a great set of shows!


Alabama Shakes was a great opener,  Brittnay has such a powerful voice.


Then Neil Came to the stage and played a great set!  He played a few songs off his upcoming album with Crazy Horse and of course he rocked the classics.




View the Gallery HERE

Videos are coming soon

Kim Dotcom has some big klanky balls!

So for those of you not in the tech world there has been quite a bit of excitement around Kim Dotcom and his company.


you can read more about it HERE


But what I wanted to post was that he made a little music video basically giving a big 'fuck you' to the US government for our overreaching 'laws'

I recommend giving it a watch



8 days to go

Just 8 more days until we leave for our EPIC Alaska trip...  going out again this weekend on the kayaks to keep practicing.  


So tired of looking and relooking over our gear... 

Huron Peak - 14,003 ft

Sam and I had great weekend climbing Huron Peak.  The weather was very interesting with wind gusts topping 60 mph, freezing temps at night, and even a little snow.


This was by far the easiest 14er I've ever climbed.  The trip was also a good time to test all of our equipment in preperation for our upcoming Alaska trip.



Check out pictures from the trip here.


Here we are at the beginning of the trip.


Here we are on the top

Recreating a Digium T10i PRI Card Tester

So I purchased a few Digium PRI cards today for use with one of the companies I work with.

Along with the card cam a T10i PRI loop back tester.  This allows you to test your PRI card without having to create a loop back cable.  This is a very simple tutorial.


  1. Start by taking your standard Cat 5 cable.  flare out the ends and then strip the Light Orange, Oragne, Light Blue and Blue conductors.PRITester001
  2. Next you splice the Light Blue to Orange and the Light Orange to Blue conductors.
  3. Next if you like you can cut off all of the unspliced conductors and tape or shrink tube the unit to make it nice and neat.

Below you'll see the Digium supplied T10i unit and the home made unit.  They work the eaxct same.  I actually prefer the home made unit as it's easier to carry around.



Using Wget with TOR for anonymous downloading

Want to use wget to download something and tunnel it through TOR anonymous network?

One way to do it is to use wget, TOR, and Privoxy to get what you need.

Explanation: Tor is a SOCKS proxy in which your date is sent over a network in a pretty anonymous fashion. The problem with tor is that it does not offer a http proxy which is what wget can use. So to get around this you can install Privoxy which will allow you to connect to TOR via a simple HTTP proxy.

So, lets get started.

Step 1 - Install the stuff

you can install all you need with the following command

sudo apt-get install -y tor tor-geoipdb privoxy

Step 2 - Configuration

There are a few things that need to be configured.

1. /etc/wgetrc

Find line starting with

#http_proxy =

Replace whole line with

http_proxy = http://localhost:8118


2. /etc/Privoxy

Add the following to the top of the file

listen-address localhost:8118
forward-socks5 / .

Step 3 - Start every thing up

sudo service tor restart; sudo service privoxy start

now when you use the wget command your data will be tunneled through the TOR network. you'll notice when you run the wget command that you will see a line like the following

Resolving localhost...
Connecting to localhost||:8118... connected.

The :8118 shows that your connection is going to Privoxy which in turn goes to TOR.

Note: You download speeds will be significantly redued due to the fact that your data will be tunneling through the TOR network.

Mountain Biking with the new GoPro

I took the GoPro Hero2 out for a test ride with Sam last weekend.  It was great!  the quality is top notch though you won't notice it on this video.  I am still paying with the best way to edit videos from the GoPro.  So this video will be not the best quality but they will get better.



Got a GoPro Hero2

Can't wait to use it.  Going out to get some moutain biking footage.  The camera is actually pretty cool, it looks like a cheap piece of shit but it takes pretty decent video and is super tiny...  Wish it didn't make me look like such a tool though. 


Next problem is all the extra storeage I'll need for the new videos I'll be uploading.


The Trayvon Pics the media doesn't want you to see

The media is having a racicial field day with this shooting...  But the pictures that Fox, NBC, and ABC show are not even close to accurate.  The picture of Trayvon is years old and the picture of Zimmerman is meant to paint him in the worst light possible.


Is it because the media thinKs GZ is a racist killer?  Nope.. it's all about the ratings. and I would guess that 98% of all americans only know what has been fed to them via the TV.



Below are more accurate and current pictures of both players...  IMHO from what I understand (without watching TV) GZ defended himself... I would have done the same thing.

FL Tray George Zimmerman smiling 2012 3-23 trayvon martin twitter

Another reason NOT to ever talk to a cop

Oh, our corrupt Supreme Court.


Did you know that today (apr/3) they ruled that ANYONE who is arrested for ANYTHING can be strip searched?  Maybe you think that is ok, it is not.  Let me educate you.

Today in America you can be arrested for just about anything.  Hell, the cop can actually make something up just to arrest you.  Sure you might get out of jail with no charges filed because the Judge sees that no law was broken but that still means that some asshole jailer is going to strip search you.

  • He is going to do it in front of others.
  • He will do it to punish you
  • He will make you spread your ass cheeks so he can look at your asshole
  • he will make you lift your balls up to look under.

All of this for ANY arrest.


What can you be arrested for nowadays?

  • Resisting arrest (very loose, a cop can say you were resisting if you simply as 'why are you arresting me')
  • Jaywalking
  • Not putting your dog on a leash
  • Having a noisy Mufler
  • Having a Bused Headlight
  • Failing to use a turn signal
  • Riding a bicycle without a audible bell.
  • Or any of the other tens of thousands a NEW laws that come out every year.

If you have any disbelief over this then please check out this article http://www.theregister.co.uk/2012/04/03/supremes_allow_unsupported_strip_searches/

Freedom in America is a thing of the past.