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Someone wanted to buy madhatt.com

I got a email over the weeked from some one who wanted to buy this domain.


Here is the first email

Buddy of mine wants to start an "REDACTED" company, and he needs the madhatt.com domain.  Please respond to this email and let's talk about what you need.

After I asked him to make an offer he came back with


$1500 and 5 years of hosting for whatever site you would like to transfer madhatt.com to.
Would consider a swap of REDACTED for madhatt.com as well (he owns REDACTED).  If you are partial to the madhatt name.
Well, $1500 is a joke for a domain that I've owned for a decade.
My response
I'll have to pass I'm sorry
Ive owned madhatt.com for a decade and it's who I am. 
I also host it myself so I don't pay any hosting costs. 
I also own madhatt.net. I would be willing to sell that. 
I'm very sorry but I can't just let it go.
So Logically what does he do?  Repond by insulting me.
That's a sub-10mil ranking.  I could understand if you were balking over a top 500k domain name or something, but the only traffic going to your site is your mom looking at your pictures and myself and my friend who wants to buy your domain.  Your number one link into your site is "remove powered by coppermine" and that's not even on page 1 of google results.
I don't mean to insult you.  But regardless of sentimentality, $2,000 for a sub-10mil domain (and apparently not even any changes to your site itself because madhatt.net refers back to your site) is money in your pocket.
Are you sure you don't want to be madhatt.net and $2,000 richer?
Final offer.
Wow...  Well if I didn't want to sell before now I really don't!
I remained civil and simply responded with
Thanks but my sentimentality is worth more to me than a measly $2k, or $5k for that matter. 

Roxy Getting an Eye Patch

Over a year a go I "poked" my dogs eye almost out when her and I were playing.


Since that time I've been scared to take her hiking because she looks so scared as she walks into something...


But today I was looking at some pictures of her and decided that she needs to get out again...  So i'm going to get her a eye patch so that she can hike with confidence.

Thank you McDonalds - no more

Thank you Micky D's!

I've never been a big eater of Micky D's  nor fast food for that matter but the latest news about your company using meat that's not fit for animals in my burgers tipped me over the edge.

No more fast food for me!  no more Micky D, Wendys, Taco Bell, or any of that shit.

Every time I get weak and and find myself thinking of dropping by your shop I'll just think of this.


More Cops Shooting at protestors

Here's a nice little video of more cops shooting at protestors and making them become violent.

Goodbye Social media!

Yesterday I finally dropped my last social media "not counting linkedin for biz" account.


No More Facebook

No More Google Plus

Never used Twitter

I think instagram is a joke.


Now it's just me and you Joomla!

What to do with companies that won't leave you alone

So What do you do when a company won't stop emailing/calling you?


Well, I'm in that boat... I have a company that won't stop bugging me.  So now, every time I get a piece of spam or a phone call from them I just send a special command to my phone system.  This triggers the system to place a call to the company and play a recording I made that asks them to stop emailing and calling me.  Of course for fun it also 'rickrolls' them "nice background music"


Legal?  I'm not 100% sure but I think it should be since the recording states that the call is in response to a solicitation from them.

Goodbye Google +

Today I dropped Google Plus... It just didn't seem to be very effective... Then Google changed their privacy policy and I didn't like their new tracking model...


Oh well, now I'll just use my website so that the 1 person who visits here will be able to keep up on what I'm doing.... 



of course that 1 person is me so it seems a bit redundant...

Visiting the family.

Melissa and I took a trip to Texas this weekend to visit our families.  We had a really great time and got a few pictures and video of my Nephew Garrett.

Here is the photo gallery with all the pictures


Here's a Video of Garrett



How to download a file over and over with Linux

So Lets say that you have a website that you want to download a specific file from.

over... and over.... and over.... with no end in site..

Why would you want to do this?  I don't know perhaps to run up someone's bandwidth bill.. or perhaps to load test your system by running this script on many clients.

rm -rvf /tmp/*
cd /tmp/
while [ "forever" ]
wget  http:/file_you_want_to_download.zip;
rm -rvf /tmp/*;
let count=$count+1
echo Downloaded $count times


Welcome Message

thoughts and travels of a outdoor geek

Purchased our Tickets!

So yesterday I purchased our tickets for Alaska!

Under $1,100 for two people for the flights out of denver...


Looks like Sam and I will be doing a couple days of backpacking in Denali and then on to a 4+ day kayaking/camping trip!

Asterisk call Script File

So recently I had a issue with someone.  They were dicks and stole couple hundred bucks from me by "deactivating" a product I purchased....   This deactivation process entails the software I PURCHASED turning off every 30 minutes. 


Yes, Yes, Yes, I know, what a dick move, and probably illegal.  So to begin with I decided to fight it.  Not by suing as they dared me too.  But by calling and asking for them to pay me.  Over, and over, and over, and over again.

Thank goodness for Asterisk!

How to robocall someone with Asterisk

Step 1.

Record a WAV file of yourself saying what you would like to the caller.  Place this file in /var/lib/asterisk/sounds/

Step 2.

Create a file stored somewhere, I'll call it, asshole.call

Inside this file put in something like this.


Channel: Local/5551111111@from-internal
Application: Playback
Data: audio-recording
callerid: "You dick" <5552222222> 
The number 5551111111 represents the number you wish to call.
The number 5552222222 represents the number you wish to display in their caller ID.
The section Data: audio-recording represents the name of the file (no spaces) that contains your recorded message (minus the .WAV)
Step 3.
Create a quick and dirty script that will do 2 things.  We'll call this script /callasshole
1. copy the call file to /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/ and 2. change the owner to asterisk so that the phone system will process it.
cp /asshole.call /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing
chown asterisk:asterisk /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing/*
Step 4.
Create a cron job that will run this file (place the call) every now and then.
enter into the terminal: crontab -e
enter in something like whats below.  This will call the the victim every morning at 7:01 AM.  It will play the recording that you set up to the caller, then hang up.
1 7 * * * /callasshole
Now just sit back and enjoy, this will call the guy every single day... this may be illegal in almost everywhere but who cares...
After a few minutes of thought I decided not to go ahead with this plan.  I decided it was much easier to circumnavigate this "activation" process. 
The server is still churning away today, or is it?

Steve Jobs, World's Greatest Tech leader

I just wanted to put on my website for posterity my many thanks to Steve Jobs for all his fantastic ideas and products over the last 20 years!


Your products allow me to put food on the table without having to work with windows and for that sir I will be eternally grateful.




Apples redesigned site giving tribute


Google's Tribute

Trying to help Occupy Wallstreet

Just wanted to let everyone know that you too can have a pizza pie delivered to the folks in NYC protesting for YOUR future!


I shot them over 3 pies a few minutes ago!

My Review of Spotify Streaming Radio Service

My Rating 1/5 stars


Spotify is a really cool service that lets you listen to any* artist's music anytime.  It used to be cool anyway :(

Spotify is now in bed with Facebook so to EVEN use their service you MUST get a facebook account.

Once I learned this I closed my account that I've had for almost 5 months.

So at least for me Spotify has lost out on $119.88 of revenue per year because of this decision...



*there are restrictions to what you can listen to but for the most part it was pretty complete.