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Krav Maga here I come!

Sam and I have been taking Krav Maga classes.


If you've never heard of it, it's a fighting style from Israel.  I'm not a fan of Israel but really Krav is the only self defense class you can take in the springs.  It's the hardest workout I believe I have ever had.  I wanted to puke a few times during class but I'm getting better.  


What I really like is the feeling of hitting someone... not the hitting so much as the feeling of it all connecting.  I guess a little background...  I got into a "fight" at a restaurant the other day.  I said some stuff to a woman about her kids (who were running around).  I admit I used language that I should not have.  It was one of those moments where I thought something and noticed half way through that I was saying it...  Any way she left and later during our dinner her man came back and start some trouble.  He basically devolved to a 8th grader and wildly swung his arms hitting me 4 times.  By the time I stood up from my table he was out the door like the flash.  While this incident when looked back on is quite funny it did get me thinking.

  • What if he had a Gun / Knife
  • What if he was a psycho and wanted to bash my head into the wall
  • What if Melissa and I were somewhere and something bad was to happen

For all these reasons I decided to take the plunge.


Classes are costing $70 per month but it's well worth it.  It's by far the best work out I've ever had.  Sam's going with me so we get to hang out and have fun. And I'm learning how to do new things.

The oddest thing for me to get over is the standing in the "fight" position.  I've never been one for dancing and guess I don't have a good sense of how my body fits in space (if that makes any sense).  So I have to stand there in a non-standard position (though it is quite comfortable) in front of a lot of people and I feel silly.  It's a good thing the instructor doesn't let us stand around.  We are always punching or kicking or trying not to get hit by either of the former.

I guess another thing I'm not a big fan of is that is basically a cop shop.  Our instructors are cops and I'm very certain 60-80% of our class is either cops or military.  but who cares right?  Cops are never there when you need them so let me learn from them and take car of shit myself.

I'm now hoping that if/when I learn to defend myself much better I don't start staring people back longer, or other stupid teenage shit that people do to start fights.  I wanna be like that guy in the movie who tries everything to get out of the fight but would destroy the other guy if needed.

Speaking of that I've read that some Krav Maga classes even teach you how to verbally defuse a argument before it turns into a fight.

Here's a quick video of what I hope to learn

The Objective is to end a fight quickly and get away

About to be Home Owners

It's only taken like 8 months but within the next 25 days we will be home owners... I'm very happy to be done with the renting game....


Now comes the being responsible for shit breaking game...

Still smoke free

Oh, It's been a while now and still no smoking... I had a few puffs while in Texas for my Grandmothers funeral but that was like a total of 10...

It's getting easier to not crave them and the coughing has gotten much better  :)

Plane Tickets Purchased

We are all set to go!

Plane tickets have been purchased and so has the RV.  Now we just need to get the food when we get there... gas while we drive, and "entertainment" money for stuff while were there and we are done.

Plane tickets this time cost about $1300 but it will be through different airlines.  Oh how I hate the airports (really the TSA) but LOVE to fly.  I can't wait!

Japan's Earthquake

Just wanted to say that I wish the best for those who are stuck in this tragedy.


Now that's out of the way...


Holy Shit!  did you see some of the video!  WHoA!!!  Some great video from a helicopter showing the destruction.... it's unbelievable!

just bought my iPad 2

Yep, $678.00 for the whole thing with case from Apple.com....  I looked elsewhere to buy it with no tax but couldn't find what I wanted so I bit the bullet...

2-3 weeks in shipping doesn't bother me at all.... Also Apple offered to give me 2 lines of engraving on the back of the unit at no cost... I turned it down because I don't want to hurt the resell value when I upgrade to a iPad 3!

So The cost of upgrading from the iPad to the iPad 2 cost me a total of $178.00  not to shabby in my opinion.

just over 2 weeks

Yep, no ciggys in 2 weeks and 2 days.  I'm starting to not cough up so much crap like I used to.  Also, people say that you can smell and taste things better after you quite smoking... I'm not sure sure about that though I can smell peoples breath more now and it's gross... I should start smoking again!


The worst part of any day is right after I get off from work and get home... In that first hour I really want a cigarette.  The cravings are getting better though... this back monkey is licked!

One Week, four days

Here it is, over a week out...

I had 4 puffs off a ciggy about 4 days after quitting and I'm so glad I did.  It really showed my again why I was quitting!  Yuk, 15 minutes of dizziness, followed by a hour of craving another puff...  pathetic!


It's much easier now.  I still crave every hour or two but there really short and easy to deal with.


Really all one has to do it take in a deep breath and hold it as long as you can.... it feels (somewhat) similar to inhaling a cigarette...  helps with the cravings.

CSPD can do whatever they want!

See this picture?


This stupid CSPD Employee who enforces the law can not even be bothered to follow it himself.


This is why ALL CITIZENS should watch the cops.  I'm actually going to do a police ride along in the near future to help do my part keeping them honest.



UPDATE:  I was informed via email that because this was on private property the CSPD has no jurisdiction unless it involves a handicap spot or fire lane.  how fortunate...

iPad 2 announced today

Yep, the introduced the iPad 2 today.


It's a good thing I sold my about 3 weeks ago.  I lost about $100 of retail but it's ok.  It was worth it!


Now the new iPad will have a few new features.  The only one I care about is the rear facing camera.  Now I can incorporate the camera into my grow software.  This should make the iPad version of my software much more attractive. 

The quitting day

A few weeks prior to quitting...

The main reason for my quitting was not so much of health, though that's a big issue as well. No, it was that my preferred tobacco (Drum hand rolling tobacco) changed two important things on me.  

  1. They changed their package to a new shitty foil based package
  2. The decreased the amount of tobacco from 1.41 to 1.14 Oz.  The sneaky little bastards tried to pass it by us and for the same price to!

So in preparation, I found that last store I could find the old style drum and purchased all that they had.  11 pouches I believe.  It was a glorious binging of nicotine bliss...

The first 48 hours

They suck, the temptation for a cigarette is pretty big.  Oh well, I like the fact that I haven't had given into my addiction yet... yay!

I'll come back as I go along and post my updates...

Happy V Day Baby

To my Baby:

We have our ups and downs but at the end of the day I'm so glad I'm with you.  I love you so much.  Thank you for NEVER buying any crap on this special day.


Here's a fun quote I came up with a few years.  

A relationship will work so long as both parties enjoy the others company 51% of the time.

America, Meet President Bush #2

I hate being lied to.  Especially by our government.

Read the Article

But that's not what I'm writing about.  I'm writing about the liar, cheat, piece of shit Obama.

Yes I voted for him, as did many others.  Why?  Well First and foremost for me was his stance on the Bush era's 4th amendment crushing tactics.


He stated over and over in the campaign that he would mark down and destroy any sort of law that would lessen citizen's privacy.


Well, Mr. Obama, We have received your Big "fuck you" to the country.  Today I learned that you have again extended on increased unlawful wiretapping of Americans.


So shame on me.  I will never vote again as it seems to not really matter.  If the people who are running for office don't have to stand behind there campaign promises then what the hell good are they?

So lastly, I would like to say that I was wrong.  I was wrong in believe his "change".   I don't think McCain would have done any better and I guess I'm glad that that stupid soccer mom Palin never stepped foot in the white house as a VP.

Cisco Sucks

So I work with Cisco on a daily basis at one of my jobs.


What a disorganized rag tag group of people.  Cisco is a great example of how a company loses efficiency once it grow beyond a certain point.


2 hours of my life gone.... 

New TSA Song

So a person at work just informed me of a new TSA song out there.  It's embedded below.  Don't ya just love some of the pictures....  It's a great time to be American!